Why do I need to register?
Registering yourself allows us to offer you more than just a temporary consideration. We receive many staffing requirements on an ad-hoc basis. it is not possible to post every such request on our website. Registering yourself allows us to reach you when a position commensurate to your skills and experience becomes available.

Are your services free?
Yes. All services provided to job seekers are absolutely free!

Can I receive notifications of companies receiving my resume?
Yes. We seek your permission before sending out your resume to any interested parties. This allows you to be in full control of your job hunting process.

Do you assign individual agents for each client? 
Yes, although we work as a team to help all our job candidates, we do assign individual agents to conduct to followup on each case, based on their field of expertise. You may contact them individually by email. In case of an absence, you may also speak with any another assigned agent.