Application Development Engineer

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A Japanese ERP Software Developer


Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan


Information Technology (IT)


IT-based Management

Work Type

Permanent Employment

Working Hours

9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm

Work Period

Jun, 2016~Work Indefinitely

Salary / Wage

JPY 5,000,000/Year
Up to JPY 10,000,000 (For Experienced Candidates)

Application Deadline

Jun 30, 2016

Japanese Requirements


English Requirements


Mandatory Requirements

1. 3+ years of experience in System Development or 1+ years of Sales System Development experience.
2. Programming Experience (Any Programming Language or Field of work.) (Not limited to Requirement Analysis)
3. Age within 35 years.

Job Requirements

・A person with the experience of designing and developing a system by themselves. (even non-business related)

・Person willing to work in the overall Software Development Cycle (design, development, testing and deployment).

・Person who not only develops software according to specifications, but also who intends to create something better for the world.

・A person not just interested in Project Management, but also self-development.

・Person who has a strong motivation to succeed.

Job Description

Conducting planning and development activities for in-house Software Packages used in Large Companies.  

■You will be responsible for the overall development cycle (from planning to development). The engineer will be responsible for the overall planning and developement efforts until the package software is perfected for release. Develop as per client specifications, but aslo anticipate future client needs, and assist in creating a better product. The ability to create something from 0 is required, as well as a tough mentality (as the work is very challenging), but when considering that your efforts have resulted in a world-class product, this experience is very rewarding. 

■A solution that simplifies Enterprise IT:

・Just as a competent partner, we shall provide the best solution that matches the client perfectly. 

・We will be immersed in our efforts until the enterprise data inputs are perfected.

・We have implemented "convenience" to enterprise systems that are otherwise inconvenient. 

・Beyond time or place, country, profession or language; we have implemented a flexible work style. As a result, we are able to increase our customer adoption rate, and increase the IT-ROI (IT Return on Investment), and contribute to the company's bottomline.

■Our users are mainly large Japanese businesses 

We introduce our products to mainly large Japanese Companies. We support the planning and operations departments of many companies and governmental institutions, thus "supporting the foundation of management".

Important Notes

EDUCATION LEVEL: Above Bachelors Level

AGE: Up to 35 Years Old


WORK HOURS: Flextime, Discretionary Work Hours (8 Hours a Day)

WELFARE: Massage Rooms, Maternity Leave (up to 13 Years), Various Social Clubs

INSURANCE: Various Company Insurance is included

HOLIDAYS: Twice Weekly (Sat,Sun), Public Holiday, Summer Holiday, Year-End Vacation, Paid Vacation, Birth/Death, Emergency Leave (Annually over 120 Days).

BONUS: Twice Yearly (Jun, Dec) 



Screening→Interview(Twice)→Job Offer (also Written Test)

※Depending on the situation, the number of interviews may change.


One of our Policies is "To upgrade the investement efficiency of Japanese companies to World Class".  We aim to provide the necessary management infrastructure for Japanese companies to operate at the world stage. We also see ourselves as the motivator of companies by providing critical workers an avenue to gain success.


A Japanese ERP Software Developer



A reputed Japanese IT company, well-known for its ERP solution. Currently, it has over 3,900 employees, working in several industries. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, and has a large volume of overseas transactions. Due to Non-disclosure agreements, the company identity is currently unavailable. Selected applicants shall be informed later.

Number of Employees


Specialized Industries

Software Development, eCommerce, Travel and Dining.