Global Jobs Japan Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Global Jobs Japan is administered as per Japanese Labor & Recruitment Laws. We are committed to protecting your privacy. Global Jobs Japan constantly reviews its privacy policy to take into account changes in law which may impact the collection and use of personal data. Please read this policy carefully.  By providing us with your personal information, in person, by email, or via our websites or any other methods, you consent to the collection and use of this information by Global Jobs Japan in accordance with this privacy policy. The recruitment process involves placement of prospective candidates in positions of employment with corporate clients and also the management of job seekers, contractors, referees and clients. We take great care in the process of how private information is collected, used and stored by our company.

2. Collection of Personal Information

We collect personal information with regard to our recruitment process. It includes personal information of job seekers, consultants and contractors, including information collected and recorded from the candidate's reference, CVs and profiles, and personal information that is transferred between an employee and an employer within the context of an employment relationship, including but not limited to resident card number, personal details such as home address and date of birth, banking details and information that might be relevant to a workers compensation and tax payment records. We collect the relevant information only when it is necessary for an assignment. In such cases, we only do so with the consent of the candidate or contractor, or if required by law thorough proper legal channels.

3. Usage of Personal Information

Personal information regarding candidates are collected with the aim to provide the following services:

- To provide information about job vacancies, and to assist in finding a position

- To commence a business relationship where a user of our website, is a client or candidate

- To provide candidates with career advice or other consultancy related services

- To manage a contract or temporary placement

- To acquire a comprehensive understanding of a candidate's skills and experience, including the verification of such skills

- To conduct market research, including customer satisfaction surveys

- To manage a candidate's relationship with our corporate clients, and if necessary to undertake administration or operations

- To contact the candidate regarding our services and opportunities, provide information on industry trends, events or forums that may be suitable. The recipient shall be given the opportunity to opt out of such a service.

4. Storage of Personal Information

All information we receive are stored on secure servers. We have adequate technical and organizational systems and processes in place to protect such information. However, although we have security measures in place to protect against the misuse, loss or alteration of personal information in our possession, we cannot guarantee that misuse, loss or alteration of personal information will not occur. We prevent unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure through technical security measures, combined with company policies signed by our staff, to handle all personal information with care.

5. Disclosure of Personal Information

Our standard process involves asking candidates and corporate clients for consent to a disclosure or use of their personal information. We do so in several ways including in writing, over the phone, or through our website. To provide recruitment services, we may:

- Pass any personal information to our employees or to other individuals and companies who work with us to supply certain services or perform duties on our behalf.

- Disclose any personal information to third parties who undertake functions on our behalf, such as IT development work on our systems.

We do not disclose any personal information of candidates or corporate partners to others, except:

- to a company related to us

- to organizations which provide services to us

- with the consent of the candidate or contractor or such consent may be presumed (as defined above)

- where it is necessary to do so in order to advance the interests of a candidate with a client

We may use or disclose personal information without consent where:

- it is reasonably expected to meet a purpose, in accordance with this Privacy Policy

- we are certain it is necessary to assist an entity to perform its functions

- we have suspicions that an unlawful activity has been, is being, or may be engaged in and the personal information is necessary part for our investigation or reporting of the incident

- we believe it is required to prevent a threat to life, health or safety

- we are authorized or required by law to do so (e.g. in response to subpoenas or warrants)

- an external organization has been contracted to provide support services conforming to our privacy standards.

To maintain the accuracy of the personal information collected, Global Jobs Japan conducts review and storage until a certain period. We require the candidate's assistance to keep their personal information current by informing us of any name change, change of address or any other relevant personal details. Once it is deemed that information is no longer required, the information is deleted from our systems and any physical documents are destroyed.

6. Anonymity and Confidentiality

When submitting a CV to Global Jobs Japan, or when applying for a position, it is not possible to be completely anonymous. It is possible to make inquiries with us about an employment position prior to sending a CV.  However, until we can verify the identity of the person, the information we provide you may be fairly limited and may not include the name of our client. When responding to our surveys, you will have the option of not including your name or contact details and we will respect your anonymity in those cases.  

7. Information for Clients

Global Jobs Japan collects information from Corporate clients and partners, such as contact details of HR personnel and hiring managers, job descriptions, company profiles and history, and office locations. To file a job vacancy Global Jobs Japan may also be provided access to sensitive information such as company strategies, business plans, sales results, etc.  Global Jobs Japan will only share relevant information with candidates as permitted by our clients and will not reveal any confidential information with our clients’ competitors or any other organizations, unless required by law.

8. Information for Referees

Checking candidate references is an important part of the recruitment process.  In doing so we need to speak with referees about our candidates and document those conversations for our clients. We do not collect personal information from referees and also we do not share referees’ personal information with any other person.

9. Inquiries and Complaints

If you have a complaint about how Global Jobs Japan is handling your personal information, or you believe we have breached this privacy policy, please direct your complaint in writing to: